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Halloween Morning Basket Fun and a FREEBIE!

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I am a Halloween slacker! It has never been my favorite holiday! Christmas is my jam…I go all-out! But this year, I want to add a little Halloween fun to our homeschool day! I have decided to put together a fun and easy Halloween Morning Basket to add some festive fun to our mornings! Here are some awesome books and activities that you can include…and a special FREEBIE!!

Spook-tacular Books

It seems everyone does morning baskets differently! The one thing that most of them seem to have in common is BOOKS! My favorite subject!! So of course, I wanted to come up with a selection of fun books to read aloud to the kiddos. Here are some fun chapter books and picture books you could include!

Chapter Books

First up is Amelia Fang and The Barbaric Ball. This book is amazing. This is the first book in a series by Laura Ellen Anderson and it will have you and your kids laughing-out-loud! This is full of vampires, yeti’s, and other spooky but not so scary creatures! The book is full of illustrations that will keep your kids engaged and entertained! We absolutely love this series!

Next up is one of my all-time favorite books. The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell is non-stop excitement, fun, and laughter! This would be a great read at any time of the year but fits in perfectly near Halloween with its magical and mystical beings!

Scary Stories for Young Foxes is a super spooky book featuring all kinds of stories perfect for Halloween. It is full of adventure, suspense, and heart!

Next up is Nightbooks which has a spooky factor of about a million. This is an action packed book that follows a young boy who is imprisoned by a witch and must tell her scary stories in order to stay alive. So you are getting scary stories within a scary story!

City of Ghosts is a hauntingly good book by author Victoria Schwab. This one definitely has the spooky factor perfect for halloween. The kids and I really liked this one. The sequel is out now and we can’t wait to read it!

Picture Books

If you have followed me for a minute you know about my deep love of Sleeping Bear Press Alphabet Books. They are amazing! J is for Jack-O’-Lantern is all about Halloween and it is the perfect combination of poetry and non-fiction. Awesome for all ages.

How to Make Friends With a Ghost is a fun and whimsical new book all about making friends with a ghost! This is such a fun book with a beautiful message about friendship as well!

Though not a “Halloween” book, Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein definitely has a spooky feel to it! This is the story of Mary Shelley and how she came to create Frankenstein and his monster. This is a really dark book but is so beautifully done. The illustrations are so gorgeous…and I can’t get enough biographical picture books! Another great choice along the same lines is a book called She Made a Monster: How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein.

Fun-Tastic Activities

Morning Basket’s are such a fun time to add games, puzzles, and other activities! You could make some halloween slime, bake some halloween treats, and even decorate your school area with some fun decorations!

One way we love adding some fun to our morning basket is with Mad-Libs! My kids are in LOVE with Mad-Libs. Mad Libs are such a fun way to add some grammar learning to your day without it feeling like schoolwork…mama win, right??

Here is a great Halloween themed Mad-Lib book!

Puzzles are another fun addition to your baskets. My kids love to work on puzzles while I read aloud. Here is a great puzzle from Vermont Christmas Company!

Freebie Alert!

My friends at Education.Com were so generous and sent me an amazing FREEBIE to share with you!! This would be a great addition to your morning basket!

Halloween will be here soon and this crossword is a great way to incorporate the holiday into reading and writing practice! Be sure to check out more (reading activities) at

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