4 Beautiful New Picture Books for Spring!

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Springtime is here in Florida! Hopefully, it is on its way where you live as well!! I have 4 absolutely beautiful books to share with you that will make perfect additions to your springtime reading! My friends at Sleeping Bear Press sent these my way to share with you and I know you will love them as much as I did!! All of these beautiful books release on March 15th, 2020!

The Voice that Won the Vote- How One Woman’s Words Made History

First up we have The Voice that Won the Vote- How One Woman’s Words Made History by Elisa Boxer. I absolutely adore biographical picture books! If I had to choose one type of book to read for the rest of forever, I would choose biographical picture books! I especially love ones that introduce me to amazing people that I had never heard of before! The Voice that Won the Vote did just that!

The Voice that Won the Vote is the story of how women won the right to vote. Febb Burn was a woman from Tennessee who was determined to help women get the right to vote! She decided she would write a letter to the youngest lawmaker in Tennessee to urge him to “Vote for suffrage and don’t forget to be a good boy”. That lawmaker happened to be her son Harry! Well, like any wise young man, Harry Burn listened to his mother and changed his vote from NO to YES!

This is such a powerful story that really shows how 1 vote can make such a huge difference! It is also such an amazing way to show kiddos how much has changed in only 100 years! To think, that 100 years ago, women didn’t have this right that many take for granted!

We thought the book was beautifully written by Elisa Boxer and had absolutely lovely illustrations by Vivien Mildenberger! What a perfect read for election season as well!

Mae the Mayfly

The next book is absolutely charming. Mae the Mayfly is the story of little Mae. Mae has just hatched and like all other mayflies, she has a lot of life to live in just one day! Mae’s mother tells her how important it is to make the most of the time she has. With this, May sets out to do and see as much as she absolutely can.

This is such a special book that really highlights the importance of enjoying each moment, not taking life for granted, overcoming fears, and also helping those in need! Author Denise Brennan-Nelson not only created a beautiful story, but she wrote it in such wonderful rhyme. The book has a lyrical quality and was so fun to read aloud to my kids! The artwork was stunning! Artist Florence Weiser provided the illustrations and they were wonderful. They were so bright and warm and really fit perfectly with the story.

I love that the author included some information at the end about mayflies! This makes it such a wonderful addition to a homeschool lesson on life-cycles and insects!

Boats will Float

Do you have a boat lover at home? This is such a fun and lyrical book all about different types of boats. Boats will Float follows a day in the life of boats. We start in the morning with the early rising fishing boats and then wind down at the end of the day with a houseboat.

I really loved the rhyming in Boats will Float! It reminded me of the way the Llama Llama books read…and those were some of my favorites when my kids were little! Author Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum includes such a fun variety of boats and vessels throughout the pages that I know any kiddo who adores boats will fall in love with this! I love the inclusion of the back matter that explains the different types of watercraft.

Artist Brett Curzon illustrated Boats will Float so beautifully. The illustrations were so bright and whimsical. I especially loved all of the different colors used for the ocean water. The kiddos loved the undersea scenes as well because they were so bright and colorful!

Winged Wonders- Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery

Last up is Winged Wonders- Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery. Oh, this book is gorgeous. I love picture books that teach me something along the way and Winged Wonders certainly did that! For hundreds of years, people observed an amazing thing…swarms of monarchs would appear and depart like clockwork…but where did they go? Winged Wonders teaches us WHO made this amazing discovery and teaches us a lesson in working together in the process.

Winged Wonders is so beautifully and thoughtfully written by author Meeg Pincus. Gorgeous illustrations are by artist Yas Imamura and they just blew me away. I fell in love with everything about this book. I also loved the inclusion of more information about the migration discovery as well as info on HOW we can help! Such an important book!

Winged Wonders is going to be such a wonderful addition to any homeschool unit on butterflies or migration! I know some mamas who adore monarchs and this is going to be a homerun!

Sending a huge thank you to the team at Sleeping Bear Press for sharing these beauties with me!! All 4 books are available now!!

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