You’ve Got Dragons- The Perfect Book for Dealing with Big Feelings

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Fear, worry, and anxiety are things that many of us deal with on a daily basis! These feelings can creep up when you least expect them to and can really knock you for a loop! Now, imagine you are a child and these feelings start to settle in! It can be so scary and so confusing! You’ve Got Dragons is an INCREDIBLE picture book that explains all of these feelings so well, and in a way that will be easy to understand. This book blew me away. As someone who has dealt with anxiety and as a Mama to a child with severe anxiety, I feel like this book truly hits the nail on the head. It describes these feelings in a lighthearted way…but oh so accurately!

You’ve Got Dragons

Have you ever read a book and just thought “YES!!!!”? Oh boy, I think I said that about a million times when I read You’ve Got Dragons for the first time. Author Kathryn Cave has knocked it out of the park with this book. She perfectly explains what it is like to experience fear, anxiety, and worry…and she has done it in a way that is understandable and lighthearted!

You’ve Got Dragons is the story of a little boy and he has got DRAGONS! Dragons are those thoughts, feelings, and worries that can creep up on you…and they are pretty scary! He doesn’t know where these dragons have come from, why HE had to get them, or how to get rid of them! Throughout the story, we learn of different ways to try to get rid of our dragons as well as the fact that lots of other people have dragons too! Not everyone’s dragons look the same but lots of people have them! Best of all, we learn that dragons don’t stay forever!

The Perfect Book for Dealing with Big Feelings

If you have ever had to deal with fear, worry, or anxiety you will know that it can literally pop up out of nowhere…and can knock the wind right out of you. Even as adults, it is so difficult to deal with and so difficult to process. Imagine being a young child and having these thoughts and feelings? So scary and so confusing. As a parent of a child with severe anxiety, it is such a helpless feeling to see them struggle with something like this.

You’ve Got Dragons is going to be my new go-to recommendation to parents when dealing with anxiety in their children. It approaches the topic in such a lighthearted manner, yet it really tackles the problem head-on in a way that kids will understand. By giving these big feelings a name…Dragons…it makes it easier to talk about and less overwhelming. Author Kathryn Cave perfectly describes what it feels like when these feelings of anxiety and worry pop up…

“Your heart thuds and your knees wobble
and your hands shake and your head
whirls and you feel hot and cold and
you can’t breathe and your stomach
hurts and you can’t believe it’s really
happening to you…”

I mean, wow. Absolutely perfect description of some of the things your body may go through.

Oh, and the illustrations. Swoon. You’ve Got Dragons is absolutely gorgeously illustrated by Nick Maland. Each page is absolutely beautiful. Also, swing by Nick’s website because it is so cool!!!

For More Information

You’ve Got Dragons is now available in paperback with a refreshed cover. To purchase your own copy of You’ve Got Dragons you can click the picture below or follow this link.

I can’t recommend this book enough…especially with all of the fear and worry going on in our world right now. This is such a great book to share with your children…and I have to say it really even helped this old mama out 🙂 There are lots of jumping-off points throughout the book to start some meaningful conversation as well!

Thanks so much to my friends at Peachtree Publishing for sending me You’ve Got Dragons for review.

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