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A Must-Have New Book for Your Little Insect Lover!

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Did you know that some Dung Beetles are particular about the poo they eat? Yep…they only enjoy poo from a specific species! I mean, I have a favorite brand of coffee…but…poo? Who knew??? Facts abound in this gorgeous new book called Bugs Everywhere! I can’t wait to tell you about this beauty!

Bugs Everywhere

Bugs Everywhere is a stunningly beautiful new book written by Lily Murray and illustrated by one of my favorites, Britta Teckentrup! If you have a kiddo who is fascinated by bugs then you will want to add this one to your shelves. It is jam-packed with fun facts and information…and the illustrations are absolutely ah-mazing!

In Bugs Everywhere you will learn what a bug is, where they are found, how long they have been around and so much more! You will get a peek at some record-breaking bugs…like who is the strongest and who is the loudest! Spoiler alert…our friend the Dung Beetle is mighty strong!

The little entomologists in your life will absolutely love discovering all of the weird, wacky, and fascinating facts there are to learn about BUGS!

Our Thoughts

As a homeschool mama, this book was a home run. Non-fiction is a huge favorite in our house…especially gorgeous non-fiction like this. Bugs Everywhere is presented in such a kid-friendly manner! The illustrations will absolutely draw your kids in. Britta Teckentrup has such an amazing ability to create artwork that keeps your eyes darting around the page. Speaking of pages…we loved the combination of both vertical and horizontal layouts!

I absolutely loved the inclusion of the diagrams of the body parts! Such great visuals to help kids understand how insects bodies are made up. I was so impressed that there was such a huge variety of different bugs mentioned! Bugs from all over…of all different shapes and sizes. I have to be honest…there were bugs that I have never heard of! Your kids will be fascinated!

I also really loved that the book discussed why bugs are so important. So awesome especially for kids who might be a little scared of bugs. It was also a great touch to add in ways that kids can help! So wonderful! It makes for such a fantastic learning tool!

For More Info

Bugs Everywhere is published by Big Picture Press which is an imprint of Candlewick Press.

For more information about Britta Teckentrup, you can check out her website! To see some of our other favorite books illustrated by Britta Teckentrup you can click here to read my post about my favorite books about BIRDS!

Sending a huge thank you to my friends Candlewick Press for sending this my way for review! It was such a family favorite and I know my other homeschool mama friends will love it as well! Mamas, if you have an insect unit coming up…this is not to be missed!!

To grab a copy of Bugs Everywhere you can click the photo below or follow this link.

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