The Next President- Presidents Like You Have Never Seen Them!

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Have you ever stopped to think that right now there could be 10 future Presidents of the United States out there? Are they in school, or playing basketball, or planting a garden? The Next President by Kate Messner takes a peek at a side of the Presidents many of us have never seen before! Who were they before they were President?

The Next President

This was such a fun and interesting book! I had honestly never given much thought to who these presidents were before they were in charge of our country! Did you know that when George Washington became president there were already NINE future presidents alive? We know that 4 of those men were working alongside Washington in the Nations capital…but what about the others? Well, John Quincy Adams was about to open his legal practice in Boston, Andrew Jackson was at a boarding house in Nashville, Martin Van Buren was only 7 and doing chores on his family farm, William Henry Harrison was studying medicine, and 4-year-old Zachary Taylor was living on a farm in Kentucky!

Isn’t that so crazy to think about! It really makes you stop and think! How many of them already had aspirations to become president? How many didn’t ever think that would be the path they would take? So interesting! Author Kate Messner really found an amazingly fun spin on studying the presidents! With so many books available about Presidents and the Presidency, I loved seeing this approach!

In addition to the absolutely awesome and creative writing, the book is absolutely beautifully illustrated. Adam Rex has created such a stunning array of artwork for the book. My kids and I were completely drawn into the pages!

Perfect for Election Season

We are in the midst of an election season and I think this would make a fantastic read aloud to share with your kids or students! It is not your typical look into the presidency and I think the kids in your life will really love how innovative it is!!

From a homeschool perspective, The Next President is packed with info! Not only are we learning about the Presidents, but we are learning about what is going on in the world. At the back of the book is a map of presidential birthplaces which is fascinating to look at! We also really loved the inclusion of the Presidential Requirements! What a perfect addition to any lesson you may be teaching on elections!

For More Information

Huge thank you to my friends at Chronicle Kids for sending this my way for review. It was such a hit with the whole family.

The Next President: The Unexpected Beginnings and Unwritten Future of America’s Presidents is available now.

For more information on author Kate Messner, you can click here. Kate is the author of several of our favorite books, including Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt as well as Over and Under the Pond!

For more information on illustrator Adam Rex, you can click here! Adam is the author of several amazing books including Nothing Rhymes with Orange…a fave of ours!

The Next President is available for purchase now. You can click this link or the picture below!

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