A Ben Of All Trades- A Stunning Look into the Life of Young Benjamin Franklin

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We all know about the many accomplishments and contributions of Benjamin Franklin. He was such an important person in the history of the United States. But, what was Ben Franklin like as a child? A Ben Of All Trades- The Most Inventive Boyhood of Benjamin Franklin is a stunning picture book that takes a look at the childhood of Ben Franklin! Let’s take a peek inside!

A Ben Of All Trades

Benjamin Franklin is someone that I have loved learning about throughout all of the many history classes I have taken in my lifetime. Like a lot of Americans, I know so many random facts about his adult life! From The Declaration of Independence to Electricity, to Bifocals…Ben Franklin was a pretty amazing man! He was such an important figure in the history of our country! But, I didn’t know a thing about his childhood.

A Ben Of All Trades- The Most Inventive Boyhood Of Benjamin Franklin gives us a peek at what Ben may have been like as a boy! Ben was a lover of books and the sea. His greatest desire was to be a sailor, but his father was not to hear anything of the kind. He had already lost one son to the sea and wasn’t prepared to lose another. So his father attempted to find the perfect trade for young Benjamin, but none kept Ben’s attention. Many of the jobs were the same…day in and day out…the same tedious thing. He grew bored with each job. He wanted something exciting and diverse! Though none of the jobs was a great fit for young Ben, he did pick up knowledge from each job that he carried with him throughout his long and inventive life!

My Thoughts

I was absolutely blown away with how beautiful this book is! The illustrations are so rich and inviting that you can’t help but want to open the book and dive in! I absolutely love the layout of the pages. They have such an old-timey feel with the appearance of torn edges on many of the pages.

As I mentioned above, I am a sucker for a biographical picture book. There is just something amazing about being immersed in the story of someone from history. A Ben Of All Trades is so beautifully written by Michael J.Rosen. He captures the true spirit of Benjamin Franklin. I can absolutely envision his childhood looking much like it does in the book. I loved the feeling of determination and perseverance that was conveyed throughout the pages of the book. Even though these jobs were a terrible fit for young Ben, he still managed to take pieces from each job and put them to use throughout his life.

I absolutely fell in love with the illustrations by Matt Tavares. They are just so warm and detailed and incredible. They fit so beautifully with the story. I grew up in Maine and spent a lot of time visiting Boston as a child and the illustrations transported me right back to the old streets and buildings! I could so easily envision the old cobblestone streets and the smell of the ocean! Just so wonderfully done!

For More Information

A Ben Of All Trades- The Most Inventive Boyhood of Benjamin Franklin is available for purchase now!

Thank you so much to my friends at Candlewick Press for sending this book my way for review. It was absolutely amazing.

I can’t recommend this book enough for anyone who is interested in American History and Benjamin Franklin. This would make an amazing addition to your US History Homeschool unit or a biography unit on Ben! Absolutely beautifully done!

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