I am Darn Tough – An Empowering Story of Determination and Perseverance

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Incredible book alert! I Am Darn Tough is a beautiful new picture book that I am so excited to share with you. Picture Books have such a magical way of tackling important subjects…and I am Darn Tough does it in such a powerful way. It is the story of determination and perseverance. Of looking within when times get tough and finding the inner strength that we all have inside of us. This is so relatable because we have all experienced moments of self-doubt, moments when we weren’t sure if we could keep going. This is a must-read for girls and boys of all ages.

Author Licia Morelli’s writing has such a beautiful poetic quality to it. Morelli’s words flow so lyrically across the page while still sending such an important and powerful message. The story follows a young girl as she faces a physical and mental battle during a long race. As things get difficult she has a moment of self-doubt…but she looks deep within herself and knows she has it in her to finish the race.

The illustrations by artist Maine Diaz are simply breathtaking. You can feel the pain, anguish, and triumph in the images. They are so rich and warm and pair absolutely perfectly with the writing. I am sharing my favorite picture from the book. Isn’t it stunning? You can feel the grit and determination through her tears. I just adored these beautiful pieces of art!

My Thoughts…

I adored this book. This was one that I immediately read to my kids. What an important message that I think we ALL need to hear. When we are feeling overwhelmed or down on ourselves this serves as such a beautiful reminder that we CAN do hard things. We really can. Belief in ourselves is such a powerful tool to overcoming hardships. I love how this was conveyed in the story!

Something that stuck with me was that she was allowed to stop and feel her feelings. It wasn’t viewed as a moment of weakness. I think this is such an important message to share with our kids. Being able to pause and think things through is such an important quality to learn…and it is a sign of strength! Just love that this was conveyed through the story!

I want to send a huge thank you to Publishers Spotlight for sharing this book with me. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this blog tour.

For more information on author Licia Morelli you can visit her here.

For more information on illustrator Maine Diaz you can visit her here.

I am Darn Tough is published by Tilbury House Publishers. You can visit there website here.

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  • Stephen

    Determination is the unwavering resolve to pursue a goal or overcome a challenge, no matter how daunting the obstacles may be. It’s that internal fire that propels us forward, even when the path is fraught with difficulties. It’s the refusal to give up in the face of setbacks, and it often makes the difference between success and failure.

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