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Illustrated Biography meets Physics in the Latest Book from The Kitchen Pantry Scientist

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My friends, there may have been an audible squeal of delight when I opened my latest review box from Quarto Kids. OK, maybe there is always a squeal when I open review boxes from Quarto…but this was an extra squealy squeal. Why? Well, because I immediately saw the corner of a book that I had been hoping, wishing, and waiting for. Physics for Kids is the latest installment of The Kitchen Pantry Scientist and I was so stoked. I have shared about this series before and am delighted to report that this installment is just as fab as the others. Illustrated Biography meets Physics and it is perfection! Let’s check it out!

Physics for Kids

Physics for Kids- Science Experiments and Activities Inspire by Awesome Physicists, Past and Present is the latest from author Liz Lee Heinecke. Her Kitchen Pantry Scientist books are nothing less than brilliant. As I mentioned above, I have shared about this series in the past because we have loved it so much. When I discovered that she was releasing a Physics version I was so excited. These books are the perfect marriage of biography, facts, experiments, and activities.

Let’s start off with a well-known fact. I do not excel in the sciences. I just don’t. Never have. BUT, I have kids who love all things science. So, when I find a book or series of books that not only allows me to bring science into our house…but does it so well…you know I am there with bells on.

This isn’t your typical science experiment book. Nope. This goes above and beyond. The reason this series appeals to me so much is that it incorporates biographies. Biographies are my JAM. Learning about people from the past is one of my favorite things…and when you tie that in with relevant experiments…well, that just brings science to life!

Let’s Peek Inside

Physics for Kids is organized into 25 labs that tackle so many different areas of physics. From electricity, pendulums, and gravity to black holes, pulsars, and cosmology, this book has it all. Each of the 25 labs begins with an introduction to a physicist from the past or present that excelled in that particular field of physics. You will learn about their life, their contributions, and how their work is used today. Following the biography section you will find step-by-step instructions complete with photographs to conduct a related experiment or activity. These are all do-able experiments and not overwhelming to non-sciencey moms like me!

Want to take a peek at the topics covered? Here is the Table of Contents! Such a wide variety of topics and biographies!

Photo Courtesy of Quarto Kids

I also want to share a quick peek inside so you can get an idea of how things are organized. Here is a sample of what you can expect! A beautiful illustration of a physicist will begin your biography section. This is followed up with fascinating information about the individual as well as their contributions.

Photo Courtesy of Quarto Kids

You will then begin with your step-by-step experiment. Each experiment is complete with your materials list, full photos, and the WHY behind what you are doing. The physics behind each lab is discussed which ties everything together.

Photo Courtesy of Quarto Kids

Why We Love It

So, now that you have had a chance to peek inside, you can probably guess why we love this series so much. Not only is it absolutely beautiful and so visually appealing, but it is so unique. The addition of the biographies is by far my favorite aspect of this series. It brings the topic of Physics to life. Any time you are able to put a face and real life experiences to something it adds that additional spark. So, other than the addition of the awesome biographies, what else do we love? Well, let’s take a peek at some of my favorite aspects!

Visually Striking

Simply put, this book (and entire series) is absolutely stunning. The illustrations of the Physicists are so beautifully done. Illustrator Kelly Anne Dalton has done such an amazing job. When an illustration catches my eye I am immediately sucked into the book. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, a gorgeous book just begs to be picked up and enjoyed. I know my kiddos are much more likely to become engrossed in a book if it is visually appealing. In addition to the beautiful illustrations, the easy to follow photographs are also a wonderful addition. Being able to see the steps of an experiment is hugely helpful!

Celebrates Women in Sciences

One of the first things that immediately knocked my socks off would have to be the female representation in this book! There are SO many women scientists presented. When I was growing up this wasn’t something that I saw very often. Of course we would learn about women like Marie Curie, but I honestly couldn’t have told you more than a handful of women who were in the science field. Books like Physics for Kids is knocking that notion to the side. Women scientists are celebrated in this book. Such an amazing gift for young girls who are interested in the science field!

I also loved that there was a diverse group of women. African American, Chinese, Hispanic, Turkish…it was absolutely fantastic to see these women represented. I am a huge believer in the importance of kids seeing people that look like them in books. Representation is huge…and seeing these successful women of diverse backgrounds excelling in the sciences? Well, that is just plain amazing to me!

Easy to Follow

These experiments and activities are doable. They aren’t overwhelming to the students or to the parents. That is huge for me. If I sit down to plan activities for my kids and I am immediately overwhelmed by the steps, materials, or language then I know my kids are going to be overwhelmed. The experiments in Physics for Kids are presented beautifully…and are not intimidating at all. They are well laid out AND…and this is huge…most of these experiments and activities are with items you have around the house. There are a few that require additional materials, but a large percentage of them are with household items that you likely already have lying around or that can be gathered very easily. Perfect. These are experiments that are going to be SO fun but also SO achievable. Win win for this mama!

For More Information

I want to send a huge thank you to Quarto Kids for sending this incredible book my way for review.

Physics for Kids is written by Liz Lee Heinecke. To read more about Liz or to see a list of all of her other titles you can click the link here.

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