Is Book of the Month Worth the Money?

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If you are a follower of Bookstagram, BookTok, or BookTube…you have likely seen Book of the Month mentioned once or twice. I had never heard of it until I started following more bookish accounts on Social Media. I think it was about a year ago that it really began to catch my eye. It almost seemed too good to be true…so I decided to check it out. I armed myself with a coupon to snag my first book for $5 (You can too!!)…and took the plunge. Well, I am 10 months in now. So, how do I like it? Is Book of the Month worth the money? Well, let me tell ya!

In a Word…YES

Ok, I am 10 months in to Book of the Month and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it is 100% worth the money for me. I have actually become borderline obsessed with my monthly box. I am someone who likes to buy and keep books (keep, collect, hoard…call it what you like). I love the library, don’t get me wrong, but I also have a special place in my heart for having a house full of books! Shoes and clothes I couldn’t care less about…I literally own 3 pairs of shoes…but books? Yes, I am going to need all of the books! So, if you are someone who also loves to own books, then let’s chat about why I think BOTM is so great!


Books are expensive. I feel like over the last year or so the prices of books have skyrocketed. For a newly released hardcover book at an online retailer you are looking at upwards of $22-$24. For my BOTM membership I pay $18.18. That is fully inclusive of everything because shipping is always free. It is an incredible price!

Now, for someone like me who openly admits to having a slight book addiction, I have chosen more than one book on occasion (most occasions). So, what happens then? Well, this is another of my favorite perks with BOTM. You can choose to add-on extra books. Annnd…the very best part? After you have shipped your 3rd BOTM box…those add-ons are just $11.99. For a brand new hardcover book. You simply can’t beat that price.

(Just a small note…I am comparing all of this to online book purchases. I am definitely not saying to stop shopping at your local bookshops. I will forever champion the Indie Booksellers…you can’t beat the feeling of walking into your favorite book store. Always keep supporting those small shops!!)


Like I mentioned above, I am 10 months in with my BOTM membership. I have been SO impressed with the choices every. single. month. I have never had a month where I haven’t found a book. I actually usually have the opposite problem and have to talk myself out of grabbing 3…sometimes I am able to talk myself out of it and sometimes I am not. They offer a wide array of genre’s, lots of diverse books, lots of debut authors, and many highly anticipated new releases! I have even been able to grab a couple early releases!

As someone who does a lot of book reviews and gets sent many different Advanced Reader Copies, I have had instances where I already own one of the books offered during a particular month, but I honestly have never struggled to find a book. For example, this month, March, Book of the Month had 7 (7!!!) different books to choose from. Out of those, I had only read one. Not too shabby, right?

To give you an idea of what sort of variety they offer, this month they had the following genres:

  • Gotchic Fiction
  • Magical Realism
  • Thriller
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Horror

Out of these there were 2 repeat authors and 3 debut novels!! Let’s just say I had no problems selecting my Book(s) of the Month! One of my most anticipate reads, The London Seance Society by Sarah Penner was added my cart as soon as I laid eyes on it!


So I have already mentioned the price…that to me is a huge perk! I also mentioned the add-on books and their price…even perkier perk. So, what else can you look forward to as a perk with BOTM? Well, after you have shipped your 3rd box, not only are you able to add-on books for $11.99, but you also have access to the Blue Box Boutique where you can find some pretty cool bookish swag. They have pins, socks, candles etc. I haven’t ordered anything yet but it definitely has some cute stuff!

Another fabulous perk is their referral program. When I share my link with someone, they are able to grab their first book for $5! SUCH an amazing deal. But, BOTM takes it a step further and gives ME a free book! Now something you may not know about me…free books are always my favorite books! I so appreciate anyone who uses my link!

Another perk is one that I am still looking forward to. After you have shipped your 12th box you become and official BFF. With this you get a tote bag, a birthday book, and a Book of the Year finalist book. I’m 2 months away, y’all and I cant wait!!!

Stress Free

Lastly, I love BOTM because it is zero stress. If you don’t like the monthly selections or need to take a month off, you can just skip a month and your membership will just roll over to the next month. Maybe you don’t like the monthly selections but you still want a book…you are now able to choose from a member favorite! They really make it super easy. I don’t have any experience with this because I have chosen a book every month, but all of the information I have read makes it sound very easy.

Get Your First Book for $5

If you would like to give BOTM a try, you can grab your first book for just $5 by using this link. I honestly think you will love it! Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to answer them!

Something I get asked all the time…do you actually READ all the books??? The short answer…YES…but not always right away! I try to find a balance between the books that I am sent for reviews and the books that I choose on BOTM. As of right now I have ordered 20 books from BOTM and have finished 12. BUT…3 of those just arrived 2 days ago so they almost don’t count. Out of all of the others I have only had 2 that haven’t been a great fit and I have DNF’d them. Not too shabby, right?? I have also had a couple of my favorite reads come from BOTM! These are books that I may not have ever found if it wasn’t for BOTM…so I am definitely grateful for their dedication to finding amazing books!

Some Faves…

I know I have rambled long enough, but I just wanted to share a couple of my favorites that I have read over the last 10 months. Are you ready??

Happy Reading!


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