Practice Makes Perfect is Perfection

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Apparently my whole “I don’t read romance novels” shtick is about to go out the window. Because, as it turns out, I do. I read them…and…I like them. Ok, probably not ALL of them…and if they are super cheesy or eye-rolly with Fabio on the cover I will still take a pass…BUT…books like Practice Makes Perfect? Yeah, I can get on board with romance novels like this. I absolutely adored this book. Practice Makes Perfect was perfection from beginning to end. Let’s chat!

Practice Makes Perfect

Ok, so, I didn’t pick this book out by myself. It was included in a subscription box that I received from the amazing folks at Aardvark Book Club…if you haven’t checked them out yet they are a super affordable book subscription! (You can snag your first box for $4 with my link…through the end of August!)

I was immediately drawn to the cover…flowers and tattoos…I mean, c’mon! So I decided to jump right in and read it without knowing anyyyything about it. Let me just say, Aardvark…y’all knocked it out of the park with this choice. I absolutely LOVED this book and am super excited to learn that there is a first book that takes place in the same small town.

So, before we talk about why I loved it so much…let’s chat about what the book is about!

Our main character is Annie Walker, a small town florist who is desperately seeking her happily ever after. She wants to settle down and get married and live a happy safe life in Rome, Kentucky. Let’s just say her dating life is less than stellar and she overhears her last date refer to her as “boring”. Enter Will…the gorgeous tattooed bodyguard for Annie’s soon to be sister-in-law. He is back in town and finds himself tasked with being Annie’s dating teacher…her practice boyfriend, so-to-speak. Annie and Will are vastly different but let’s just say the sparks are flying from day one. But they know a relationship with eachother would never work…Annie wants to settle down in Rome and get married and Will is decidedly against marriage…and wants to travel and explore. But, the practice dates tell another story and soon those friendship lines get a little blurry.

WHY Practice Makes Perfect is Perfection

I have a few reasons why I loved this book so much. I know you are dying to know…so I will just come right out with it. Let’s start with the setting. I am a sucker for a small town story. Maybe small towns give me Gilmore Girl vibes…maybe it is just the idea of everyone knowing everyone. I don’t know why, but I love stories set in small towns…especially towns like Rome, Kentucky that are FULL of absolutely delightfully interesting characters.

Next up we have Annie. She is so endearing. An introvert with social anxiety who would rather spend the evening with a book than out on a date…yeah…she is me. I mean if I wasn’t married or whatever. The fact that she is so socially awkward and begins explain flower reproduction on her first date with “what’s his name” was laugh out loud hysterical. For anyone who has ever felt awkward in uncomfortable situations, Annie is your soul-sister. She is lovable, quirky, and I want to be her friend.

Next up, Will. Oh dear, sweet, bodyguard (executive protection agent…) Will. I was poised and ready to dislike this man. The typical pretty boy out on the town dating all the ladies. But, nope…he is a delight. My 14 year old would call him a “Cinnamon Roll”…literally no idea what it means but it seems to fit. He is perfection. I love that he doesn’t want to change a thing about Annie…and he doesn’t see her as the person the entire town sees her as. He was just such a breath of fresh air character and I loved him. The tattoos didnt hurt either. I have never cheered so hard for two people to be together as I did for Annie and Will!

Lastly, I just loved the easy-breezy writing style of author Sarah Adams. I mean that in the absolute best way. It was a quick read for me…because I couldn’t put it down. It read almost like a best friend telling you a story. It was so natural and easy. The witty banter was fantastic as well. I had been reading a ton of thrillers lately and this was just the perfect book to break up the thriller-induce anxiety I was feeling.

Check it Out!

I am about to go add the first book, When in Rome to my bookish wish-list. I am excited to read it because I believe it is about Noah and Amelia…Annie’s brother…and the woman that Will is body-guarding. They have the sweetest relationship and romance and I can’t wait to read how their love story got started.

I also picked up on a little hint at the end about a possible future book also set in Rome…at least I am hoping!

Anyway, Practice Makes Perfect is out now. I definitely recommend this one. It was a solid 5 star read for this “I Don’t Read Romance Novels” bookworm.

If you want to give Aardvark Book Club a try I recommend them so highly! The books are gorgeous hardcovers and you can’t beat getting your first book for $4 (with FREE SHIPPING wooot!) Just click this link and you will go right to my discount.


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