This Spells Love is a Charming Debut

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2023 is going to go down as the year I fell in love with Rom-Com’s. I am not sure where they have been hiding all my life but I am so happy that I have discovered them. So, when I saw that November’s Book of the Month picks included a lovely little debut Rom-Com…I immediately added it to my cart. I am also a sucker for an adorable book cover…and this one is a-dorable. Let me just tell you…this was SUCH a fantastic book. This Spells Love by Kate Robb was an absolutely charming debut and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Let’s chat!

This Spells Love by Kate Robb

I know I have mentioned my love of Book of the Month at least eleventy-billion times in the past…but I can’t help it…I love BOTM! One of the things that I love the most is that they often select books by debut authors…annnddd…I also love that they often include early release titles…and This Spells Love ticked both of those boxes! It doesn’t release until December so BOTM readers got to have a little sneaky peek at it! I am happy to report that it was SO good and you should definitely add it to your December TBR!

This Spells Love was such a charming, funny, romantic, spicy, and whimsical read. It had a slight smattering of Magical Realism which you know I adore! This is a friends-to-lovers story…but with a bit of an alternate reality spin.

This Spells Love is the story of Gemma…who has just been dumped by her long-time boyfriend. Let’s just say she does NOT take it well at all and ends up dealing with it with a little booze-therapy with her sister (who is hysterical and I loooved), adorable and zany aunt, and her BFF Dax (this man was a delight). Well, sometimes the best and worst ideas happen when under the influence of a margarita or five…and the crew decides to perform a love cleansing spell to erase Gemma’s ex from her mind so she can move on.The spell is sealed with a platonic kiss from Dax. Well…let’st just say the spell worked and Gemma wakes up in an alternate reality where she never dated her ex. The rest of her life is completely different as well…not all of which is bad…except for a big problem…Dax has no idea who she is. In order for Gemma to return to her normal life she has to reverse the spell…which includes another kiss from Dax…which is a little tricky since he has no idea who she is. As Gemma tries to convince this stranger to kiss her…she finds herself falling for him. Like super duper falling. Does she stay or does she go back to her old life where Dax is just a friend?


This was just such a fantastic book. I absolutely adored author Kate Robb’s writing style. It was easy to get lost in the pages. I obliterated this book in just over a day. I couldn’t put it down. It was funny, creative, heartwarming, and just plain fabulous.

Let’s talk about the awesome cast of characters. There were so many fabulous characters but I have to say my absolute fave was Aunt Livi. She is life goals. Such a zany free spirit. I want to be her when I grow up. And Dax. Dear sweet amazing Dax. My only complaint is that I wanted MORE of present reality Dax. We got to spend a lot of time with alternate reality Dax…not complaining about that…but definitely wanted a little more present day Dax! Speaking of Dax…this book had quite a bit more spice than some of the other Rom-Com’s I have been reading lately! I don’t know how those chili-pepper rating scales work but the peppers were definitely peppin in this book!

I loved the combo of friends-to-lovers and alternate reality storyline. It worked so well and was such a fun concept! I love how much this book made me think also. If you could go back and change one thing…erase it totally from your past…would you do it? I don’t think I would! As we have learned in any story that deals with changing the past…if you change one thing it can alter the course of your entire life!

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If you are a lover of Rom-Com’s and are looking for an awesome book to add to your December TBR then definitely consider This Spells Love. I can’t wait to see what else Kate Robb releases in the future because her debut was a hit for me!

You can read more about This Spells Love over on goodreads. If you want to try Book of the Month and snag This Spells Love for $5 you can grab my link here!

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