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January was approximately 437 days long. But February? Nope. I blinked and I can’t even see February in my rearview mirror anymore. I don’t know what happened but I know it happened really fast. There were so many amazing Middle-Grade books that published in February…you can check them all out here. I am excited to share with you that March is looking JUST as phenomenal. I have so many books to chat about today so let’s just jump right to it. Here are 7, yes, 7 Middle-Grade books that are publishing in March that I can’t wait to get my hands on! Let’s chat!

Ferris by Kate DiCamillo

If Kate DiCamillo writes it…I am going to read it. Will I cry? Probably…but it will be so worth it. She is the author of so many of my favorite Middle-Grade reads. The Tale of Despereaux, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Because of Winn-Dixie to name a few! Kate DiCamillo can write the heck out of a Middle-Grade book! Her newest release, Ferris, is publishing on March 5th, 2024, and I have already fallen in love with the cover and synopsis. Check it out below!

Goodreads Synopsis

It’s the summer before fifth grade, and for Ferris Wilkey, it is a summer of sheer pandemonium: Her little sister, Pinky, has vowed to become an outlaw. Uncle Ted has left Aunt Shirley and, to Ferris’s mother’s chagrin, is holed up in the Wilkey basement to paint a history of the world. And Charisse, Ferris’s grandmother, has started seeing a ghost at the threshold of her room, which seems like an alarming omen given that she is also feeling unwell. But the ghost is not there to usher Charisse to the Great Beyond. Rather, she has other plans—wild, impractical, illuminating plans. How can Ferris satisfy a specter with Pinky terrorizing the town, Uncle Ted sending Ferris to spy on her aunt, and her father battling an invasion of raccoons?

As Charisse likes to say, “Every good story is a love story,” and Kate DiCamillo has written one for the ages: emotionally resonant and healing, showing the two-time Newbery Medalist at her most playful, universal, and profound.

The First State of Being by Erin Entrada Kelly

Next up we have a brand new novel from Newbery Medal winning and Bestselling author, Erin Entrada Kelly. I have absolutely loved every book I have read by Erin Entrada Kelly. Among my favorites are Hello, Universe and We Dream of Space. Her newest book, The First State of Being publishes on March 5th, 2024 and it sounds absolutely fantastic. It is described as a “suspenseful time travel adventure” and I am ALL IN! Say no more…add to cart. Here is a little description for you!

Goodreads Synopsis

When twelve-year-old Michael Rosario meets a mysterious boy from the future, his life is changed forever. From bestselling author Erin Entrada Kelly, winner of the Newbery Medal for Hello, Universe and a Newbery Honor for We Dream of Space, this novel explores themes of family, friendship, trust, and forgiveness. The First State of Being is for fans of Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me.

It’s August 1999. For twelve-year-old Michael Rosario, life at Fox Run Apartments in Red Knot, Delaware, is as ordinary as ever—except for the looming Y2K crisis and his overwhelming crush on his fifteen-year-old babysitter, Gibby. But when a disoriented teenage boy named Ridge appears out of nowhere, Michael discovers there is more to life than stockpiling supplies and pining over Gibby.

It turns out that Ridge is carefree, confident, and bold, things Michael wishes he could be. Unlike Michael, however, Ridge isn’t where he belongs. When Ridge reveals that he’s the world’s first time traveler, Michael and Gibby are stunned but curious. As Ridge immerses himself in 1999—fascinated by microwaves, basketballs, and malls—Michael discovers that his new friend has a book that outlines the events of the next twenty years, and his curiosity morphs into something else: focused determination. Michael wants—no, needs—to get his hands on that book. How else can he prepare for the future? But how far is he willing to go to get it?

A story of time travel, friendship, found family, and first loves, this thematically rich novel is distinguished by its voice, character development, setting, and exploration of the issues that resonate with middle grade readers.

Sona and the Golden Beasts by Rajani LaRocca

Next up, and also publishing March 5th, 2024, we have a book that I know very little about but was immediately drawn to based on the beautiful cover. Sona and the Golden Beasts is written by Newbery-Honor winning author Rajani LaRocca. After falling in love with the cover I headed straight for the synopsis…and I got even more excited to read this book. It is said to be perfect for fans of The Last Mapmaker (full review here) which is an absolute favorite of mine. It also sounds like it is going to be quite the adventure and quest filled story which is something I adore in Middle-Grade books! Let’s check it out!

Goodreads Description

Though music is outlawed in the land of Devia, Sona hears it everywhere. Sona is a Malech, a member of the ruling class that conquered Devia centuries ago. Malechs forbade music to prevent the native Devans from using their magic, and Sona hides her abilities lest they put her in danger. Then Sona discovers an orphaned wolf pup. She believes the pup, with its golden ears, might be related to one of the five sacred beasts of Devia, and she vows to keep it safe. That means bringing the pup in tow when Sona embarks on a perilous quest, along with a Devan boy, to secure the nectar of life for a loved one who has fallen gravely ill.

On the journey, as Sona uncovers secrets about the Malechian empire and her own identity, she realizes that the fate of the sacred beasts, and the future of Devia, just might come down to her. This captivating fantasy novel by award-winning author Rajani LaRocca will sweep readers into Sona’s quest across the land of Devia as she grapples with the lasting impact of colonial rule and learns to fight for what she knows is right. 

Grimmworld: The Witch in the Woods by Michaelbrent Collings

Be. Still. My Heart. Can we just pause and talk about a couple of things. Thing number 1…this cover. Just look at it!!!! Thing 2…witches. Give me all the books about witches. Thing 3…this is the first book in a series and I am a sucker for a good series…especially a witchy one! Honestly, the cover of this book stopped me in my tracks…so beautiful and mysterious with a little Hansel and Gretel vibe happening. You will be shocked to learn that Grimmworld: The Witch in the Woods is ALSO publishing on March 5th, 2024. Kind of a crazy busy day for Middle-Grade books and I am not mad about it. Check out this description…it is all kinds of fantastic.

Goodreads Synopsis

Strange and terrifying things are happening in New Marburg: people are disappearing and changing into characters from the Grimm fairy tales.

When twins Willow and Jake Grimm move to the isolated town where their parents work for a top-secret Think Tank, they are amazed to discover a place where people jetpack to work, robots direct traffic, and senior citizens battle with lightning-swords.

But after a freak lightning storm, which transforms the twins’ school into a medieval castle—complete with a moat, drawbridge, and a giant who looks strangely like the school’s overly aggressive hall monitor—the twins discover the truth: just like their ancestors, the original Brothers Grimm, Willow ad Jake are Grimmwalkers. And just like their ancestors, they have been transported to the place where all fairy tales are born. The most dangerous place in existence: Grimmworld.

But before the twins can figure out how to get home, they learn their best friends have been transformed into the fairy tale characters Hansel and Gretel and have been imprisoned by a candy-obsessed wicked witch.

Now, aided only by their wits, their courage, and their love for each other, the twins must venture deep into the Cursed Forest to save themselves and their friends. And maybe—just maybe—save the universe from falling into the clutches of the witch in the woods.

Charlie Hernández & the Phantom of Time by Ryan Calejo

March 5th, 2024 strikes again. Seriously, how are SO many exciting new books arriving on one day? What is a booknerd to do? Ok, if you haven’t discovered the Charlie Hernández series yet…you must go to your library, bookstore, Amazon, or wherever you find books…and add it to your list. I have read and enjoyed this series by author Ryan Calejo SO much! Charlie Hernández & the Phantom of Time is the 4th book in the series and it promises to be just as exciting, fun, and full of adventure as the first 3. Here is a little synopsis for you!

Goodreads Synopsis

Inspired by Hispanic folklore, legends, and myths from the Iberian Peninsula and Central and South America, this fourth book in the Charlie Hernández series follows Charlie as he travels back in time to save the Land of the Living.

Charlie has received a letter from the Land of the Dead—a dire warning from his grandmother concerning his (and the rest of La Liga’s) impending demise. He doesn’t have much to go on, but according to the letter, a mysterious incident in the past, known only as “The Five Donkeys,” set in motion an unstoppable chain of events that will culminate in the total destruction of the Land of the Living.

Left with little alternative, Charlie, Violet, and Raúl enlist Esperanza’s help to use forbidden calaca magic and travel back in time to the place where the trouble 1950s Cuba. But all they discover in the mountain rainforests of Havana is a trail of dark secrets. And the deeper they dig, the more questions they unearth, none of which help them decipher what La Mano Peluda is planning. But perhaps most alarming of all, the friends soon learn that they are not the only time travelers in town.

Pursued by an unspeakable evil, Charlie and Violet must race against time to untangle the past, present, and future before the world they love vanishes into history.

Cece Rios and the Queen of Brujas by Kaela Rivera

My kids and I absolutely LOVE Cece Rios! Kaela Rivera has written an amazing series that is full of action and adventure while simultaneously bringing to life Mexican folktales and legends. Cece Rios and the Queen of the Brujas is the third book in the series and I believe it will be the conclusion of the series. I am excited to report that I have a copy on the way as part of a book tour I am participating in and I cannot wait to read it! We finally have a book that isnt publishing on the 5th! Cece Rios is publishing on March 12th, 2024! If you haven’t checked out this series I recommend it so much! Here is a description!

Goodreads Synopsis

This stunning conclusion to the Cece Rios trilogy is perfect for fans of J.C. Cervantes and Kwame Mbalia!

Cece Rios and her friends have escaped Devil’s Alley, but the fight to save their world is just beginning.

Despite her growing comfort with her curandera abilities, Cece is worried that she won’t be strong enough to stop her most dangerous enemy her tía, Catrina. Desperate for power and revenge, Catrina has seized the throne of Devil’s Alley and set her sights on the living world.

Catrina’s first move is a brutal attack on the Sun Sanctuary that leaves Tierra del Sol reeling. And no matter how hard they try, Cece and her friends are always one step behind the bruja queen as she seeks to attain the powers of the gods and take control of the four elements.

Cece Rios saved her sister. She rebuilt her familia. But can she take down her vicious tía before Catrina destroys everything Cece has fought so hard to protect? 

Olivetti by Allie Millington

I am going to purchase this book simply because I cannot live without this gorgeous book cover on my shelf. Would you just look at this book?!? I love every single thing about it. So keep in mind…I am already buying this because its gorgeous…but then I go to the description and read this…”for fans of Wishtree and A Rover’s Story”. Can I buy it twice? I ADORED both of those books. But, it gets better. This book is told from the vantage point of an introverted boy and…wait for it… a witty-typewriter. Stahhhp. Swoon. Add to cart. I am already in love with this book and I haven’t even read it. Olivetti is written by Allie Millington and it publishes March 26th, 2024 and I already love it with my whole heart. Just take a look at this synopsis and you will see why!

Goodreads Synopsis

Being a typewriter is not as easy as it looks. Surrounded by books (notorious attention hogs) and recently replaced by a computer, Olivetti has been forgotten by the Brindle family—the family he’s lived with for years. The Brindles are busy humans, apart from 12-year-old Ernest, who would rather be left alone with his collection of Oxford English Dictionaries. The least they could do was remember Olivetti once in a while, since he remembers every word they’ve typed on him. It’s a thankless job, keeping memories alive.

Olivetti gets a rare glimpse of action from Ernest’s mom, Beatrice–his used-to-be most frequent visitor—only for her to drop him off at Heartland Pawn Shop and leave him helplessly behind. When Olivetti learns Beatrice has mysteriously gone missing afterward, he believes he can help find her. He breaks the only rule of the “typewriterly code” and types back to Ernest, divulging Beatrice’s memories stored inside him.

Their search takes them across San Francisco—chasing clues, maybe committing a few misdemeanors. As Olivetti spills out the past, Ernest is forced to face what he and his family have been running from, The Everything That Happened. Only by working together will they find Beatrice, belonging, and the parts of themselves they’ve lost.

Happy Reading

I hope you were able to find some exciting new books to add to your TBR! I will be back with some reviews once I get my hands on these gems!

What books are you most looking forward to in March?

Stay tuned for April because I have already started my list and it is so good! The books that are getting released in 2024 are just incredible!!

To check out February’s New Releases you can check out my blog post here.


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