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I am going to age myself here…but…I used to type papers…on a typewriter. Don’t laugh. It wasn’t THAT long ago…OK, maybe it was…but that is neither here nor there. It happened…and it was fantastic. I can still hear the click of the keys and the sound of the paper getting pulled out at the top. So, when I tell you that the minute I saw the cover of this charming book, Olivetti, I jumped at the chance to review it. Little did I know that it would end up being a 5 star read. Perfect for fans of Kate DiCamillo and Katherine Applegate, Olivetti by Allie Millington is your next great middle grade read. Publishing on March 26th, 2024…Olivetti is one you will want to add to your TBR! You are going to love this book. Let’s chat!

Olivetti by Allie Millington

I am going to let you feast your eyes on this absolutely stunning cover for a minute. Let me know when you are ready. Ok…you ready? Gorgeous, isn’t it? Well, let me just tell you that the story that resides inside this gorgeous cover is equally as stunning. I was immediately intrigued when I read that the story is told from the perspective of an introverted young boy with a penchant for words (my kind of kiddo) as well as from the perspective of a…wait for it…a typewriter. How creative is that? I knew I had to read it and let me tell you…I am so glad that I did because this story will stay with me for a long time.

Olivetti is the story of Olivetti…a witty, clever, and often humorous typewriter who has lived with the Brindle family for quite some time. Olivetti is not at all a fan of books (attention hogs), has been replaced by a computer, and has seemingly been all but forgotten by the Brindle family. One day Olivetti finds himself in the hands of mom Beatrice again. They used to spend a lot of time together but those days seem long gone. Today however, Beatrice picks him up only to drop him off at a pawn shop. It isn’t long after that Olivetti learns that Beatrice has gone missing. Desperate to help her son Ernest find her, Olivetti breaks the code of typewriters…he types back to Ernest. Maybe by sharing Beatrice’s memories he can help Ernest find his mom. But, what else will they find out along the way?

5 Big Beautiful Stars

I read this book in one sitting. It was equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. I found myself going from big smiles to misty eyes while reading. Author Allie Millington is such a gifted writer and I am so looking forward to reading anything she writes in the future.

Olivetti is a little book with big feelings. It deals with some difficult topics…but it was written with with such care and in such a tender manner. In an effort not to spoil part of the mystery of the story I wont write about what the main difficult topic is, but if you would like to know in advance please feel free to shoot me a message and I will let you know. I am sure there are spoilers out there somewhere but I don’t want to spill too many beans!

Amazing Cast of Characters

Something I loved about this book were the characters. I have 3 favorites…


First, the character of Olivetti. It isn’t often that you have a main character that is a typewriter. This was such a fun, creative, and fresh idea and I absolutely LOVED it…and I loved Olivetti. Such a funny character, but also a loving an tenderhearted one (if a typewriter can be tenderhearted). I absolutely loved seeing the story through his eyes (his keys? you get my point). Olivetti’s character made me think a little bit of Resilience from Jasmine Warga’s A Rover’s Story…which if you haven’t read was ah-mazing and you must!


Next we have Ernest. I absolutely fell in love with the character of Ernest. He is a quiet, introverted, and seemingly anxious kid who would rather spend time with his nose in the dictionary than running around outside. There are some things he is dealing with…some past issues and anxieties that we the reader don’t quite know about yet. He is so innocent and lovable and I felt such a connection with him.


Last but certainly not least we have the character of Quinn, the pawnshop owners daughter. What a spitfire she is. Such a boisterous, fun, and no-nonsense girl she is. She was the perfect complement to Ernest’s character and the perfect friend for him. I absolutely loved watching their friendship grow!

Dealing with Tough Topics

I love a book that doesn’t shy away from tackling tough topics. So, I mentioned above that there is one big topic that I won’t share just because it would be a bit of a spoiler for the book…but the book deals with a lot more than just that one topic.

Olivetti dealt with topics of friendship, anxiety, and belonging to name a few. It also dealt with day to day issues of a family. For me, reading this book as an adult and a parent, I feel like I was so much more tuned in to some of the daily stressors and issues the parents were dealing with. Worrying about money, work, and your children’s happiness and well-being. The entire book you get a feeling that there is something else at play. Something bigger going on, but you aren’t quite sure what it is. They reference a bad time in their life they call the Everything That Happened and you can feel the anxiety that comes with it…especially for Ernest.

Just so beautifully done by Allie Millington.

Who Should Read Olivetti

I loved this book with my whole entire self. Middle-Grade books have long been a favorite of mine and books like Olivetti are the reason why. It was so beautifully written and literally oozed with so much heart. It was the perfect combination of heart and humor…with a little sadness woven in…but I believe that is what made it so wonderful.

When I was reading it I kept thinking to myself that it would be the perfect book for fans of Kate DiCamillo and Katherine Applegate books. They are both such gifted authors who write heartwarming books that tug at your heartstrings…and Olivetti would fit right in. So if your kiddos loved The One and Only Ivan, Wishtree, The Tale of Despereaux, or The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane…then I definitely think you should add Olivetti to your TBR.

This would make an absolutely amazing read aloud as well. I think kiddos will really love this story.

As I mentioned, this is a middle-grade book…which are typically geared for ages 8-12…but you know your kids…if they are sensitive to certain topics then I would seek out a spoiler to see if it would be a good fit for them. Drop a comment below or shoot me a message and I would be happy to help!

Happy Reading!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so glad I had the chance to read this book. I included it in my recent blog post about new books publishing in March and I am so glad it found its way into my shelves. This will definitely be a book I remember for a long time.

If you get a chance to read it I would love to hear what you think!

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