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Top 4 Reasons Why Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival is the BEST!

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Epcot’s 2019 International Flower and Garden Festival is just days away! I am literally counting the minutes! Epcot is my favorite of all of the Walt Disney World Parks, but I especially love it during festival times! While I love ALL of the festivals, the International Flower and Garden Festival is hands down my very favorite of them all!! I am going to share with you all of the reasons why I adore it…and throw in some tips to make the most out of your visit!!

WHY is Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival the BEST?

We all have that one friend who knows how to throw a really great party! You know who they are…they always have great decorations, awesome food, the music is great! Epcot…is that friend. They put on a mean festival with all the bells and whistles! The festival that stands out to me as the BEST is the International Flower and Garden Festival. Why? Well, here are a few of the reasons why I love it:

  • Gorgeous Flowers
  • Amazing Food
  • Beautiful Weather
  • Fabulous Concerts

Gorgeous Flowers

When Epcot says Flower and Garden Festival…they mean Flower and Garden Festival! Epcot is gorgeous on a regular day, but when F&G festival rolls around they pull out all the stops. It.Is.Breathtaking. Everything is in bloom…the colors are so vibrant everywhere you look! We took my parents there with us last year and my mom wanted to stay forever. She was in awe of not only how many beautiful flowers there were, but how gorgeous and fresh everything looked. It is a flower lovers dream!

In addition to the beautiful flowers are all of the stunning topiaries. All throughout the park are amazing and intricate topiaries of many of your favorite Disney characters. We absolutely loved strolling through World Showcase and seeing the gorgeous designs. We can’t wait to see what they have this year!

flower pics
The Flowers are breathtaking
Butterfly garden
A visit into the Butterfly Garden is so fun
Epcot family pic
Kiddos showing their Grandparents around Flower and Garden!
Simba rafiki topiary and max
The topiaries are stunning! Max especially loved Simba, his favorite!

Amazing Food

Ok…let’s talk food. Epcot is a foodies dream. It isn’t every day that you can walk a mile and sample food from countries like Morocco, Italy, England, and China. Well, at festival time they add even more delicious booths into the mix! We are so lucky that our kids love to try new food because we go a little crazy sampling our way around world showcase! The portions are usually on the smaller sample sized side which allows for more sampling…which is always a win!

We have some absolute favorites from last year and the year before and are excited to see many of them back on the menu again this year! To see a list of the booths and menus that will be featured this year, check out WDW Info!

key lime tart
The Key Lime Tart is my FAVE!
Shrimp dish
lf you love seafood then you will LOVE Flower and Garden…so many great choices!
Frushi is a MUST in the Japan Pavillion
Burnt ends hash
Burnt Ends Hash…hellooo delicious

Beautiful Weather

Oh Florida, you are so gorgeous in the spring! So, Flower and Garden Festival runs from March 6th until June 3rd, 2019. These are some absolutely beautiful months to explore Florida. It is just before the major rainy season hits so you will likely experience LOTS of sunshine! The heat isn’t to full strength just yet…that usually kicks in around the beginning of June! There definitely may be some hot days, but there is often a light breeze. Epcot is also a great Disney park to find shade and there are lots of buildings you can go into to escape the heat! Also, nothing tastes better than a margarita from Mexico on a warm spring day!

Fabulous Concerts

Epcot knows how to put on a show! During all of their festivals you can attend some pretty amazing concerts! Located over by the American Pavilion there is a covered concert venue where you can see some fabulous singers and bands! This is included in the cost of your Epcot ticket! This year there are some fantastic performers such as Rick Springfield (Jessie’s Girl ya’ll!), Richard Marx, Air Supply, Lone Star, Sister Hazel, and a ton more! This year there will be NIGHTLY performances so the chances of getting to hear some great music while you are visiting is very likely!! This is on our Disney Bucket List this year! We have never actually attended one of the concerts! We have definitely heard the awesome music while walking around World Showcase at night, but have never sat down to enjoy a full concert! SO excited! If you are a fan of the ’80s there are so many amazing bands to check out. For a full list of performers and schedules check out WDW Info!

Flower and Garden Tips!

  • BEST TIME OF DAY: If you are traveling with kiddos and want to avoid the busiest times, we highly recommend getting there early! Epcot typically opens at 9 am, with World Showcase opening at 11 am. If you can hit World Showcase right when it opens you will be golden! Hardly any lines and the crowds are minimal. Nighttime gets super busy and has a lot of uh…shall we say…drunk people! If you like the nighttime scene then, by all means, rock on up in the afternoon and stay till closing! Epcot at night is beautiful!
  • WATER: Even if it doesn’t seem super hot, stay hydrated! You can bring your own water in and refill at the water fountains or you can go to any quick serve restaurant and they will give you a cup of water for free! Plus, if you are consuming any alcohol you’ve got to throw some water in the mix! Alcohol plus heat equals yuck!
  • GO HUNGRY: If you want to sample your way around World Showcase then we recommend NOT doing a huge sit-down meal at the park. There is seriously so much deliciousness that you will want to try!
  • Get the Key Lime Tart…
  • Photo Ops: Stop and get some of the special Flower and Garden photo ops done! Pictures make a great souvenir!

So, if you have a chance to get down to Florida between March 6th and June 3rd 2019, I highly recommend getting yourself to Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts! We will be attending as often as we can! I will have a follow-up post with some of our favorite food and beverages this year! I promise not to eat ALL of the Key Lime Tarts!

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