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Book Nerd Mama Challenge

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Calling all Book Nerds!! Are you a mama who loves to read? Do you adore books, reading, holding books, smelling books, buying books? Well, have I got a fun challenge for you!! My dear friend Arlene and I have started a fun and low-pressure challenge over on Instagram! Ready to hear all about it??

Book Nerd Mama Challenge 2020

Sometimes as a mama we get so busy with life that we run out of time to do things that WE love to do! The goal of this challenge is to create a community of book-loving mamas who are excited to make their own reading a priority again!! We have created a SUPER low-key challenge…no assigned books, no crazy goals, and no pressure!

The goal we have set is to read 500 minutes a month…now, I know that sounds like a lot. I promise it isn’t! If you break it down it works out to less than 20 minutes a day! You could read before bed, or before the kids get up in the morning, or during quiet time. You could grab an audiobook and listen while driving the kids here, there, and everywhere or while folding laundry, exercising, or doing dishes! Any time you can fit it in!! Then record your minutes! You could create a log in a journal, you could make a printable, you could use a sticky note, or an app…anything that works for you!!

Our main goal is to have a place where we can come together and talk about BOOKS! One of my favorite parts of Instagram is connecting with other mamas and chatting about homeschool and BOOKS! I am so looking forward to seeing your book logs, your book stacks, hearing recommendations, and just chatting about…you guessed it…BOOKS!

So, Arlene and I would LOVE to have you join us! For more information you can pop on over to Instagram and watch our IGTV videos explaining everything…you might even find a book recommendation…or 12…because we are book nerds and it is what we do.

Where to Find Us

You can join the #booknerdmamachallenge by heading over to Instagram! Click below for a sneak peek at my IGTV video ALL about the #booknerdmamachallenge

You can find Arlene’s account over at

You can find us on Pinterest as well! We have created a board JUST for the Book Nerd Mama Challenge! If you would like to request to join the board just send me an email at and follow the board here:

We have also set up a GoodReads group! A place to chat, share books, and support each other. You can join us here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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