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Mythologica- A Must-Read for Mythology Lovers

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I have a new go-to recommendation for Greek Mythology! Mythologica- An encyclopedia of Gods, Monsters, and Mortals from Ancient Greece is an absolutely stunning book. As soon as I saw the cover I knew it would be one that we had to have. I am so excited to share this book with you guys. It is not only gorgeous…but absolutely packed with information…that is my kind of combination! Let’s check it out!

Mythologica- An Encyclopedia of Gods, Monsters, and Mortals from Ancient Greece

Mythologica is a visual feast for your eyes. I was immediately mesmerized by the cover. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but seriously…this was gorgeous and I knew we had to have it! As a family of mythology lovers, we get so excited when a new book is released…and this one was eagerly anticipated. It did not disappoint.

Mythologica shares the lives of 50 gods and goddesses, mortals, and monsters. It is brilliantly written by Steve Kershaw who has masterfully packed so much information into the pages of this book! Even though there is a ton of information, it isn’t presented in an overwhelming manner. It is laid out beautifully and makes the perfect book to introduce Greek Mythology to your kids. The bite-sized chunks of information are so informative and very understandable. Often times books dealing with Greek Mythology can get overwhelming very quickly, especially for young kids. Mythologica is the opposite. It is written in a way that is accessible to all!

Let’s talk about the art. The illustrations in Mythologica are unlike ANYTHING I have seen before. Artist Victoria Topping has created stunning portraits that weave together the ancient and modern seamlessly! There are so many details to take in on each page. Your eyes will truly dart around trying to take it all in. The colors leap off of the page and you can almost feel the textures that she incorporates. Such a beautiful and surreal vibe!

Our Thoughts

This book was a home-run for us. I honestly knew it would be because I have adored every book published by Wide-Eyed Editions and Quarto Kids! Just amazing, creative, and quality books. Mythologica was everything we wanted in a Greek Mythology book. The easy to read information in combination with the vibrant art was perfection.

Mythologica has quickly become one of my top recommendations for anyone looking for a resource to study Greek Mythology with their children. This is a must-add to any Greek Mythology unit!

For More Information

You can grab a copy of Mythologica for your family by clicking the photo below or following this link.

I would like to thank my friends at Quarto Kids for sending us a copy of this beauty for review! It is a well loved book and looks FAB on my bookshelves!

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