Away with Words- The Daring Story of Isabella Bird

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Are you someone who feels most comfortable and content when you are at home or do you thrive out in the world? I absolutely love going out and exploring…but, I am such a homebody. I feel most content and happy when I am at home among my family. For many people though, they can feel confined or trapped if they aren’t able to get out and see the world. Away With Words is a story of just that. It is the story of Isabella Bird and her need to fly!

The Daring Story of Isabella Bird

Isabella Bird was born in 1831 in England. Ever since she was small she had always suffered from aches and pains. She was weak and frail and was always stuck indoors. Her family and the doctors had no idea what to make of her mysterious ailments. Until one doctor suggested that perhaps they should take Isabella outside to get some fresh air! She ventured out with her father on his horse and it was like a weight was lifted off of young Isabella’s shoulders. The fresh air! The animals! Isabella was full of light and lots of questions about the world around her.

Unfortunately for Isabella, life for a girl in the 1800’s didn’t involve adventures, learning, or school. So Isabella again took to her bed and wilted away. All of her ailments returned. Isabella was depressed. Thankfully she had a very smart doctor who suggested that Isabella needed a change of scenery. Her parents agreed and Isabella packed up her bags and at the age of 22, she boarded a boat to Nova Scotia!! She was off on the adventures she had long dreamed of. She explored America and saw cowboys, wild animals, plants, and traders.

Isabella wrote many books of her adventures. She had found her place in the world. Her place wasn’t at home being a young Englishwoman. Her place was all over the globe. Trying new things and seeing new sights. The world was Isabella Bird’s Home.

My Thoughts…

This book was a gem. I have an immense love for picture book biographies. They have introduced me to so many amazing people. I had never heard of Isabella Bird, but what a woman she was!! It takes real grit and determination to defy the norm…especially in the 1800’s! What an inspirational woman she was to read about!

Author Lori Mortensen brought together such a beautiful and detailed account of Isabella’s life! There was so much information packed into the pages of this book. I also absolutely loved the Author’s Note at the end of the book providing more background information on Isabella’s life. As a sucker for a timeline I also really appreciated the inclusion of that!

Beautiful illustrations were provided by artist Kristy Caldwell. They were a perfect addition to the story and complemented it beautifully! She wonderfully captured Isabella’s emotions throughout the story. You could see the sadness in her eyes when she was trapped at home…and the weight lifted when she was finally able to explore!

This is the perfect book to inspire your kids to get out and explore the world! It teaches them to go after their dreams…even if it is unconventional!!

Thank You

Sending a huge thank you to Peachtree Publishers for sending this copy to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

To purchase a copy, click the picture below or follow this link.

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