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50 Maps of the World- A Bookshelf Must-Have!

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There is a very good chance that I am the President of the Wide-Eyed Editions fan club…I should look into getting a trophy or something! My bookshelves are brimming with gorgeous non-fiction books…and a very large percentage of them are Wide-Eyed Editions from Quarto Kids! They are a knockout in the non-fiction department and one of their newest books is no exception. 50 Maps of the World: Explore the Globe with 50 Fact-Filled Maps is a bookshelf must-have. It is everything I want in a book of maps; gorgeous, packed with info, and entertaining! Let’s take a peek at this beauty!

50 Maps of the World

I have a slight obsession with geography and history…and books. Atlases and books with gorgeous maps are a weakness of mine…and I am completely ok with it. Wide-Eyed Editions from Quarto are some of the very best. Why? Because they are gorgeous, engaging, and packed with information. They are books that not only look beautiful on your bookshelf but will also be picked up time and again by you and your kids. That is what we want, right? We want to have books in our home library that kids WANT to read!

50 Maps of the World is one of the newest in a long line of stunning books from Quarto Kids. I have had The 50 States for quite some time now and it is one that we use All. The. Time. I can definitely see the same thing happening with 50 Maps of the World! It is 112 pages of awesomeness. Not only is it a beautiful book of maps, but it is also overflowing with information about history, culture, wildlife, people, and so much more. It not only takes you to the country, but it immerses you in the country! From France to Nepal, Poland to Nigeria…the diversity of the countries represented throughout the pages is absolutely amazing.

Why I LOVE it

Beyond the fact that I just find this big beautiful book so absolutely eye-catching, I am in LOVE with the way the information is presented. Each country is not only represented by a beautiful and colorful map, but your eyes are also immediately drawn to the country’s flag, the images of native animals, images of people, and one of my favorite touches…the timeline of Moments to Remember. The Moments to Remember are such a fantastic touch. Many of them dating back thousands and thousands of years ago, this timeline shares some of the most important things that have happened in that particular countries history. My history geek self is thrilled with this. Being able to open one book and have EVERYTHING I need is just amazing!

50 Maps of the World is truly a homeschool mamas dream. It is so engaging that your kids will most definitely want to flip through the pages. The information is presented in such a kid friendly manner, but still so educational and informative. I truly cannont recommend this book enough. If you are planning on including any type of a country study in your homeschool, this is the book for you. You will have your bases covered…history, geography, famous people, animals, culture…it is all within these pages! This book is absolute worth every penny in my opinion!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Quarto Kids for sending this my way for review. I don’t like to play favorites among my books, but this one is certainly right there at the top. 50 Maps of the World is written and researched by Kalya Ryan and Ben Handicott and illustrated by Sol Linero.

For More Info

50 Maps of the World was released Sept 2020 and is available for purchase now! You can grab a copy by clicking the link or image below!

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