Rescuing Titanic- Non-Fiction Perfection from Quarto Kids

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I am sure that most of us are familiar with the story of the Titanic. It is a story that isn’t easily forgotten. But, how many of us are familiar with the story of The Carpathia? Rescuing Titanic- A true story of quiet bravery in the North Atlantic tells that story. The story of a little boat that manages to help rescue 706 people on that fateful night in April. Rescuing Titanic is non-fiction perfection from Quarto Kids. They consistently knock it out of the park and this book is no exception. Let’s jump into the pages of Rescuing Titanic and see exactly why this is such an amazing book. Not only does it tell the story of what happened on the night of the terrible disaster at sea, but it is a story of bravery and overcoming the odds!

Rescuing Titanic

Rescuing Titanic- A true story of quiet bravery in the North Atlantic is more than just a book about The Titanic. Not only does it give you a detailed account of the events that night, but it also celebrates the bravery of a little known ship, The Carpathia. In the frigid waters of the Atlantic, RMS Titanic sends out a distress call after hitting an iceberg. The only ship within helping distance is the modest ship, RMS Carpathia. Despite being small, the Carpathia heads through the treacherous waters and successfully arrives at the Titanic and helps to rescue 706 passengers.

As we follow along with the timeline of events that took place that frigid April night, we are also learning so many amazing details about boats, navigational tools, Morse code, and so much more. In true Quarto Kids fashion, Rescuing Titanic is jam packed with fascinating facts and information. It takes an event we are familiar with and presents in a way we have never seen!

Our Thoughts

My 12 year old is obsessed with all things Titanic. She has an endless supply of books and has watched nearly every documentary ever made. Having said that, she was blown away by this book. It presented information she hadn’t learned about before and it did so in such a gorgeous and eye-catching fashion. Rescuing Titanic is the debut book in a new series called, Hidden Histories. I am ecstatic to hear about this series. For kids who are fascinated by mysteries and love to dig deeper into these stories, I think this is going to be such a phenomenal series.

Rescuing Titanic is written and illustrated by Flora Delargy. She is a debut artist from Northern Ireland and has a connection to the story of the Titanic! Both her grandfather and great-grandfather worked at the shipyards in Belfast where Titanic was built! I always love to learn about an author-artist’s connection or inspiration behind their work, and this was such a fascinating one!

We were absolutely blown away by the stunning artwork in this book. The illustrations are so rich and eye-catching. They truly help bring this story to life. Each page was stunningly illustrated. I absolutely loved the picture to text ratio as well. Truly a book that is accessible to so many…it is packed with information but is presented in a kid friendly manner.

This was just a knock-out for us. Loved everything about it…from the amazing illustrations, to the little-known facts, to the story and message of bravery. It was just so well done. I love that it highlighted that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant something is, it can make a huge difference. The Carpathia managed to save so many lives!

Want a quick peek inside?? I recently shared a flip-through reel over on Instagram! Check it out here!

For More Information

I want to thank Quarto Kids for sending a copy of this beautiful book my way for review. For more information on Quarto’s books you can check out their website here.

To grab your own copy, click the image below!

Rescuing Titanic is the perfect book for any unit on Titanic or for any lover of Titanic History. It is unlike any book I have ever read on the topic.

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