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I love buying books. It is my guilty pleasure. I don’t buy a lot of clothes…or purses…or shoes. But books? I just can’t stop. I would definitely classify myself as both a reader of books and an OWNER of books. They are two completely separate hobbies and I love them both. But…books are expensive! So, one of my fave ways to score books at a super discounted rate is through Book Outlet. Book Outlet is my go-to for great quality books at super low prices! Have you ever tried them out? Let’s chat!

The Scoop on Book Outlet

I discovered Book Outlet just over 3 years ago. A fellow bookstagrammer was sharing her latest Book Outlet “haul”…you know how bookstagrammers love a good haul…and I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how many brand new books she had scored for such a great price. So I decided I would check it out. She also had a $5 off coupon…and I am powerless against a coupon. I was fully expecting it to be too good to be true…but I was definitely wrong! I have been a loyal Book Outlet customer ever since and I want to share some of my favorite tips and tricks with you!


Let’s start by chatting about their rewards…because who doesn’t LOVE free books! So, each purchase you make will help earn you some rewards points. You earn 1 point for every $2 you spend and when you hit 100 points you earn $5 off! They will also randomly email me with a $5 off coupon every once in a while which is such a fabulous surprise! I have also received a surprise coupon in my delivery box with $5 off…so they are pretty generous with their offers. You can also earn rewards for referring your friends etc. So I can offer you guys $5 off your first order of $25 and in return I will also snag a coupon. Its fabulous!

Amazing Prices

Book Outlet offers wonderful discounts on brand new books. When I first ordered I was convinced that the books must be used because the prices are so great. But, nope, they are all brand new books. The only thing of note is that because they are discounted books, many/most of them will have a black dot of some kind on the side pages that denotes them as discounted. I am still able to photograph them for Bookstagram posts with no problems at all so the little dots don’t bother me!

The best deals that I have gotten through Book Outlet are on my beloved Minalima books. These are hit or miss because they are only stocked in pretty small quantities…but if you can snag one…you are going to be getting a crazy deal. I have a Minalima collection and my last two I have scored at Book Outlet for only $8 bucks or so. Compare that to $20-$25 on Amazon and you can’t beat the price. You just have to be patient and check back frequently. I have been known to do a daily Minalima search of Book Outlet just to be sure I am not missing anything…I have issues.

Free Shipping on $35

We live in a world of free shipping with Amazon. So I know most people absolutely LOATHE the idea of paying for shipping…I know I do. I will go out of my way to spend more money just so I don’t have to pay shipping. Book Outlet offers free shipping on orders of $35 or more…which for me personally is extremely easy to achieve. I would rather add another $5 book than pay $5 for shipping. It’s booknerd math.


Y’all…Book Outlet has an incredible selection. They often have relatively new releases at discounted prices which is absolutely amazing. They have hardcovers, paperbacks, cookbooks, art books, incredible childrens books, puzzles, tote bags…so.many.bookish.things.

Now, like I mentioned above…sometimes they only have a few copies of a book. When you click on the book you are able to see how many they have. If you see that there are only a couple I would definitely recommend adding to cart and checking out pretty quickly. I have had numerous occasions where I add a popular book to my cart and go to check out and she is GONE. Someone was quicker than me and sniped my copy. Rude. On the other hand, If I see a book that I am interested in and it has like 25+ copies, I will add it to my cart and then wait until I have enough books to snag that free shipping…because you know ya girl isn’t about to pay shipping. I ALWAYS have books in my cart at Book Outlet…always. If I see something I like I just add that baby in so it is waiting for me the next time I want to check out!

Customer Service

In 3 years I have only had to contact customer service twice. Both times it was because a book had gotten damaged in shipping. I think both times it was a paperback that had found itself getting pummeled by the hardcovers that it was shipped with. Customer Service was incredible. I sent over a photo of the book and they immediately fixed the situation and sent a replacement. I believe if the book is sold out they will offer you a refund or a credit toward your next purchase. It was quick and painless and that is always a perk for me.

The Cons

I don’t have a lot of cons. When I was first looking into Book Outlet the one constant that I had read was the shipping took forever. The only order I have placed that took forever was my first order. I am not sure what happened but it definitely took a couple of weeks to receive my books. BUT…it only happened that one time. Every other time the books arrive in a timely manner.

Now…this isn’t 24 hour Amazon delivery. You aren’t going to get your books over night. I usually get my books within 7-10 days. For reference, my last order I placed on 9/3/2023 and I received it on 9/13/2023. Ten days is totally do-able when I am getting 8 books for $45. It also gives you a chance to forget what you ordered and get surprised when you open your package…so YAY!

Give it a Try

So, what do you think? Think you are ready to give Book Outlet a try??

You can use this link to snag $5 off of your first order of $25...and I will snag a little treat too…so YAY for both of us!!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat about some of my favorite finds!! I have scored some gems…apart from my beloved Minalima books I have had great luck finding some amazing Illustrated Classics and lots of incredible picture book biographies which are another weakness of mine…but that is a story for another day!

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