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I am a big fan of cursive writing! I started both of my girls with cursive writing right around third grade and they love it! This year my son will be in third and he can’t wait to start learning cursive. I wanted to have some daily practice sheets that I could use in conjunction with our current handwriting curriculum and Evan-Moor’s Daily Handwriting Practice book was a great fit!

Peek Inside Daily Handwriting Practice

So, what exactly is Daily Handwriting Practice? Daily Handwriting Practice is a workbook that covers 36 weeks of daily practice. The pages are quick and straightforward and are an amazing way to reinforce proper letter formation. The lessons follow a 5 day a week plan. Monday through Thursday consists of half-page worksheets which give the students a chance to practice writing letters, words, and sentences. On Friday the students will have a full page to complete which gives them a chance to practice at greater length.

Something that really sets Daily Handwriting Practice apart from other practice books that I have seen is that the items being written also teach other information. For example, students could be writing sentences about Geography, Months of the Year, Grammar, or even Animals. It is useful information! In week 7, for example, the students will be learning about the 7 continents. One of their sentences says, “The Earth has seven major continents.” This is information that teaches them right along with practicing and reinforcing handwriting.

The Pros and Cons

I absolutely love this book. It is exactly what I was looking for in a daily practice book for my kids. I wanted something that they could use along with their current handwriting program that would reinforce what they were learning. This completely fits the bill! I LOVE the half-page format because it is a quick and easy sheet that doesn’t overwhelm them. I love the content. The fact that they are learning interesting facts and information while practicing their handwriting is fantastic. They are not just writing fluff sentences like, “I have a dog” over and over again. The topics are interesting. I love how each week has a theme. For example week 18 is all about Owls. Each day will teach a different owl related fact while also reinforcing letter formation, placement, and spacing!

As a mom of 3 kids who are all using or learning cursive, this is such an incredible value. I can use one book and reproduce every page/half-page for each kid…saves so much money! The pages are black and white as well which saves on ink!

The only thing that I would have liked to see would be a little more in the way of individual letter practice at the beginning. There was some and it was a perfect refresher for my girls. However, for my son who is just learning, I think he needed a little bit more. But, as I said, we are using it in conjunction with our other handwriting program so it wasn’t a problem for us at all!

For More Information

To see a complete flip-through of Daily Handwriting Practice, you can head right over to Evan-Moor’s website by clicking here.

Daily Handwriting Practice is just one of MANY Daily Practice books from Evan-Moor. For a review of Daily 6-Trait Writing, you can check out this blog post.

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Daily Handwriting Book

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  • Amy Michaels

    Oh, the kids and I both LOVE short and effective practice options! It really makes such a big difference in their confidence, too.

    Thanks for sharing this review!

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