Evan-Moor Daily 6-Trait Writing Review

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I am so excited to be sharing another amazing resource from Evan-Moor with you! At this point, you may have guessed that I adore Evan-Moor products. They are so educational, reasonably priced, and my kids LOVE them! These are all amazing things, right? So I am super excited to share with you a book that is new to me! Daily 6-Trait Writing has made an incredible addition to our homeschool writing curriculum!

What IS Daily 6-Trait Writing

Daily 6-Trait Writing is a comprehensive teaching guide that has 25 weeks of mini-lessons divided up into 5 units. The book focuses on the six traits of writing:

  1. Idea (Unit 1)
  2. Organization (Unit 2)
  3. Word Choice (Unit 3)
  4. Sentence Fluency (Unit 4)
  5. Voice (Unit 5)
  6. Conventions (tied into all units)

Each of the first 5 traits listed above will be presented in 5 week increments, with Conventions being included in each week. Each week will then focus in on a specific skill that pertains to one of the writing traits listed above. The weeks follow a consistent format so they are extremely easy to use and the kids and the momma know what to expect! To give you an idea of what you can expect within a unit, take a peek inside below!

Take a Peek Inside

Each of the units begins with a fantastic two-page spread of what the week will look like. It is a wonderful tool for the teacher because not only does it help keep you organized, but it helps explain how to word things and HOW to teach the traits to your child.

I want to share a sample layout with you so you can get a better idea of how the book is organized! Let’s take a peek at Unit 1, Week 1.

You can see in the top left-hand corner of the first page that the focus is on Choosing a Good Topic. Each week will list the focus ideas in the top corner. Unit 1 is broken down as follows:

  • Week 1: Choose a Good Topic (Convention: Capitalizing Names of People and Pets)
  • Week 2: Add Details (Convention: Compound Words)
  • Week 3: Choose Better Details (Convention: Plural Nouns that End in S)
  • Week 4: Stick to the Topic (Convention: Periods)
  • Week 5: Review (Convention: Capitalizing Book and Song Titles)

So, let’s look at week 1 for an example. Each day it will tell you what you are teaching and give you wording on how you can teach it. This first teacher page will also give you a sample of what the answers could look like. Following the teacher page, you will have the student worksheets that you can tear out or print or have the child write straight in the book. There are 4 sheets for the students to do for days 1 thru 4, day 5 is a fun writing prompt to put the ideas into practice!

WHY I Love Daily 6-Trait Writing

The first thing I was drawn to is the design of the book. It is not overwhelming and not intimidating! Like all of the Evan-Moor books that I have used with my kids, this book is packed with information, but it is presented in a way that is easily accessible by kids. This is the Grade 2 book and it is perfectly geared for my son’s age. He is a kid who gets easily overwhelmed when there is a TON of information on a page. These pages are quick but they teach the kids in a way that it sticks.

The next thing that I love is that it includes the weekly layout page. I am a very visual person and I love being able to take a quick glance at something and know what I need to do for the week. I love that the weekly layout includes verbiage for the teacher/parent to use. While it isn’t necessary that you read it verbatim, I love having a cheat sheet so-to-speak to help coach me!

Third, I love…and I mean really, really love that it includes the conventions. This is just another way of integrating these important tools. It flows naturally with the lessons and doesn’t seem forced at all!

Lastly, I absolutely love that we end the week with a writing prompt. It gives the kids a chance to put what they have learned into practice and I think it is fantastic.

For More Info

If you are interested in learning more about Daily 6-Trait Writing you can head right over to Evan-Moor’s amazing website. They have some great peek inside videos as well as a chance to peek inside the books! Click here to check it out! I will also be sharing my own video on Instagram this Friday, 4/26…I will link to that as soon as it is up!

As I mentioned, we are huge Evan-Moor fans…if you would like to check out some of my other favorite books you can check out my reviews of Skill Sharpeners Geography and Reading Comprehension Fundamentals!

Daily 6-Trait Writing is $29.99 and is available in grades 1-8. Daily 6-Trait Writing is also available as part of Evan-Moor’s Homeschool Bundles and the Homeschool Writing Bundle!

Please feel free to send me any questions you might have! I would be happy to help!


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