Full book review and blog tour for the brand new picture book called Shoes!

SHOES- Blog Tour and Book Review!

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One of my very favorite memories of childhood was spending time with my aunts. The highlight of our time together was me getting lost in their closets in piles and piles of shoes!! I can still picture my favorite ones…the ones that I would likely break my neck in now as an adult! Shoes, by Yvette Cragun transported me right back to those carefree days of childhood trying on all of those glorious SHOES!


Shoes, written by Yvette Cragun and illustrated by Myra Romano is such a fun and whimsical book! The little girl in the story is in her mom’s closet and is trying on ALL kinds of shoes. She tries on wedges for the beach, flowery flip flops, sporty sneakers, flats, and so many more. How will she ever choose which pair to wear! As it turns out, maybe she doesn’t need to rush too quickly to grow into her mama’s shoes…maybe HER shoes are just right after all.

This was such a fun read. We were immediately drawn in by the fun and lyrical rhyming in the book! It flowed so beautifully throughout the entire book. The illustrations were such a fun addition to the story as well. The kids loved seeing all of the different shoes and all of the things she would do in them.

Shoes led to some fun discussions as well! We got to talk about imagination and what the kids would do if they tried on certain shoes! They also loved talking about how mama only wears sneakers and flip flops because she is very clumsy! (Not a lie, my friends!)

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About the Author and Illustrator

Author Yvette Cragun

Yvette Cragun is the third of nine children. Growing up in a big family meant life was always an adventure. Yvette started devouring books at a young age and still truly enjoys getting lost in fictitious worlds. She started writing stories in 2011 with encouragement from her husband, big sister and mother-in-law. Her six children are her inspiration and her greatest blessing.

Illustrator Myra Romano

Myra Romano grew up reading all the books, drawing all the time, driving tractors, racing snowmobiles and drag racing her 1985 Chevy Citation. Her love and passion for art grew as she went on to the Columbus College of Art and Design and received her BFA in advertising and illustration. After graduating, she worked at a number of different dot-com companies including americangreetings.com. Working in the industry for 10 years, she received many acknowledgments and awards until making the decision to start a family. With her boys now almost grown, she has the opportunity to come back to her passions and has started a new chapter in her life,  illustrating and writing children’s books and licensing her artwork.

Sending a huge thank you to Pink Umbrella Books for including me in this blog tour and for sending along a copy of Shoes for us to enjoy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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