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If you love getting sucked into an action-packed story, then look no further! Beast: Face-To-Face with the Florida Bigfoot is non-stop action, adventure, and mystery…with a touch of the paranormal thrown in there! Fans of middle-grade adventure books will absolutely love this new release from author Watt Key! Let’s check it out!

Beast: Face-To-Face with the Florida Bigfoot

Adam and his family are driving home from Disney World late one evening when his father swerved to avoid crashing into a giant creature. Adam wakes up in the hospital and his parents are missing. When Adam tells everyone what he saw that night, no one believes him. He isn’t even sure of what he saw…how could it be?

Adam knows what he saw…and he is determined to find out what happened to his parents. He needs answers…and he needs proof. Proof that what he saw was real. So, Adam takes matters into his own hands and heads out into the wilds of Florida to figure it all out for himself. Can Adam survive alone in the swamps of Florida long enough to get his answers?

My Thoughts

I love getting sucked into a page-turner! You know the kind, where you have to keep turning the pages even though you are supposed to be folding laundry or feeding the kids! Beast 100% sucked me in. I had to keep reading.

Author Watt Key is an amazing storyteller! He perfectly describes how I would envision being stuck out in the wilds of the Florida swampland. As a resident of Florida myself, I have to say, Adam’s story is pretty much straight out of one of my nightmares…and I am not even talking about the Bigfoot! There are so many creatures lurking under the water and along the riverbank…I honestly cannot imagine setting out alone into the unknown! I felt my heart racing right alongside Adam as he sat in the dark at night just listening…and waiting! It is the sign of a wonderful storyteller if the reader feels like they are experiencing the story right along with the characters!

Fans of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen or The Explorer by Katherine Rundell will absolutely love this tale of survival and bravery! I would also really recommend this book to a middle-grade reader who might be more reluctant to pick up a book. I think the fast-paced nature and exciting storyline will really appeal to them!

For More Information

I would like to say a huge thanks to my friends at Macmillan Publishing for sending me an advanced copy of Beast for my review! I really enjoyed it and know that my kids will as well.

Author Watt Key is the author of many adventure books for young readers! You can find his website here!

To grab a copy of Beast for yourself you can click this link or the picture below!

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