4 Beautiful Books to Celebrate Earth Day from Sourcebooks Kids!

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2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!! Did you know? I was surprised that it has been around for 50 years! What a wonderful milestone! I want to celebrate this momentous occasion by sharing 4 beautiful books with you from my friends at Sourcebooks!

The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon

The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon is a stunning new book that would be perfect for your Earth Day reading list

First up is an absolutely gorgeous book that we fell in love with! The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon is a stunningly illustrated book that discusses the importance of taking care of our Earth! The story is about a little girl named Sofia who makes friends with the Moon. One night he asks her to come and visit. When she arrives she notices how very sad the Moon is. The Moon asks her to look down at Earth with him and see what makes him so sad. The Earth is in trouble and it is up to people like Sofia to help make Earth a better place!

Such a beautiful and powerful story that is not only about taking care of our Earth but also shares a powerful message of friendship! You and your children will absolutely fall in love with the sweet rhyme and gorgeous illustrations. The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon is written by Land Wilson with illustrations by Sue Cornelison. You can purchase a copy of The Girl Who Spoke to the Moon by clicking here.

A Dolphin’s Wish

A Dolphin's Wish is a beautiful book to add to your Earth Day reading list!

A Dolphin’s Wish is the perfect example of why I love kids’ books so much! Author Trevor McCurdie tackles such an important subject…protecting our oceans…but he does it in such an easily accessible way. A Dolphin’s Wish is a beautiful book about what plastic is doing to our oceans. It is written in wonderful and fun rhyme but really hits home. As a family of ocean-loving beach bums, this is a really important topic for us.

We loved the addition of all of the tips and ways that kids can help that were included at the end! From a homeschool mama perspective, there are so many awesome teaching points too! Really great! I absolutely loved this one. Beautiful illustrations were provided by Cinzia Battistel. A Dolphin’s Wish is available now!

What Does it Mean to be Green?

What Does it Mean to Be Green is an amazing book to read on Earth Day!

What Does it Mean to be Green is a wonderful and simple introduction all about what we can do to help take care of the environment. Written in a funny and kid-friendly manner, this book shows how easy it is for each of us to make a difference! Author Rana DiOrio gives kids many easy and do-able things that they can do to help our planet. Simple things like shutting off the water when brushing your teeth, using both sides of your paper, and shutting off lights when they are not needed. These are all such easy things, yet if everyone were to do them…think of what a difference it would make!

We loved the fun illustrations by Chris Blair and the powerful message that each of us can make a difference! What Does it Mean to be Green is available now as well!

Trees Make Perfect Pets

Trees Make Perfect Pets is the perfect book to add to your Earth Day reading list!

Last, but certainly not least is Trees Make Perfect Pets by Paul Czajak. What a beautiful story this is. Abigail wants the perfect pet! She is determined that the perfect pet is a TREE. Everyone she meets seems to disagree with her and tells her that a tree most certainly can not be the perfect pet. My kiddos and I love Abigail’s determination…and we agree with her that a tree does make the most perfect pet!

This was such a sweet and beautiful story. We adored the lovely illustrations by Cathy Gendron. Trees Make Perfect Pets will absolutely make you want to hug a tree…and definitely want to plant one! Trees Make Perfect Pets is available now!

For More Info

Thank you so much to our friends at Sourcebooks Kids for sending these beauties our way for review! What a wonderful addition to our Earth Day shelf! For more information on Sourcebooks Kids, you can check out their website here!

To read about some of our other favorite books to read on Earth Day you can check out this blog post.

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