Add FUN to your Homeschool Science Curriculum with Copycat Science

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Want to know a secret? I have a giant fear of science and science projects. They overwhelm me and give me moderate panic attacks. Want to know another secret? My kids LOVE THEM! They would do nothing but science experiments all day, every day. I was so thrilled when Quarto Kids shared an incredible book with us! Copycat Science by Mike Barfield is incredible! It takes your boring everyday science and adds so much FUN! So, if you are a homeschool parent who might be slightly overwhelmed by science, I highly recommend adding this book to your library! Let’s see what it is all about!

Copycat Science

I love everything about this book. I have talked many times about my fear of science experiments. They just seem so out of my comfort zone. I was so surprised to hear from so many other homeschool mamas that they feel the same way! Well, I have a book for all of you! Copycat Science is all about learning about different scientists and then trying your hand at their experiments! They are so do-able, not overwhelming, and you probably already have most of the items on hand! WIN!

The book features such a diverse group of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. You will learn about leaves with Theophrastus, worms with Charles Darwin, DNA with Rosalind Franklin, and so many more amazing minds from history! There were so many people that I had never heard of before! I am excited to learn right along with my kids!

Copycat Science is set up in such a unique comic book style that will be adored by your children! The pages begin with the scientist briefly introducing themselves and what they are known for. Then you will jump right into trying your hand at the experiments…and they are SO MUCH FUN! Whether you will be making bird feeders with John James Audubon or studying your fingerprints with Jan Evangelista Purkyne you will be guaranteed to be having a blast while learning so much!

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I can’t say enough about this book. It has taken a topic that makes me anxious and made it so accessible. My kids and I are going to have the best time learning about scientists and trying our hands at recreating some of their experiments. I love that the book talks about the fact that scientist learn from the work of those who came before them. They build upon the work of others and make new discoveries along the way.

For more information on author/illustrator Mike Barfield you can pop over to his site here.

To grab your own copy you can click here or on the pic below!

Huge thank you to Quarto Kids for sending this my way for review. Absolutely AMAZING book! To check out more of Quarto’s amazing books you can click over to their website here.

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